Charles Ridley: SA Node of the Heart as Organ of Perception

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16/05/2019 - 19/05/2019    
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Centrum Loreto
Štorchova 1555/5 (Rohanský ostrov) , Praha 8 , Praha

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postgradual workshop I.grade

* Learn to contact Stillness in your Heart’s SA Node to realize your self-existing radiance – the non-separate Self from which you offer sessions.

* Learn to offer Biodynamic Cranial Touch sessions from the SA Node.

* Cultivate your whole-body felt sense that unites all senses into one Sacred Sense as Spiritual Touch.

* Sense your inner body qualities as they unfold to realize body-as-consciousness.

* Discover how attuning to the tones of sensation in your inner body naturally attunes you to your client’s process and let the laws of entrainment guide your session in tonal match with the client.

* Learn how practice Biodynamic Cranial Touch for the evolution of consciousness in yourself, and in your clients.

* Learn why this evolutionary approach is not a biodynamic treatment model for the relief of symptoms.

* Learn what biodynamic practices hinder evolution from unfolding.


* Practice the Stillness Meditations:~ Midline

                                                               ~ Whole-body Breathing

                                                                ~ Heart SA Node

                                                                ~ Pelvis – Core of the Earth

                                                                ~ Unite all the centers as One

Photo: Pixabay

* Feelingly locate your Midline – the inner core of your Self.

* Cultivate your whole-body felt sense.

* How to Access the center of your Heart, the SA Node.

* Embody Stillness in three centers as one – head, heart, and pelvis.

* Repose inwardly, abide in ‘not knowing’ and touch in ‘non-doing’ – as the art of applying no efferent activities during a session.

* After the session, characterize your inner body experiences in sensual, body-felt language without using classical biodynamic terms.

* From your sensual characterizations, discover how to understand where those sensations fit on the biodynamic map of terms.

* Discover that by not naming, and only characterizing your sensual experiences, does not place a limit on the unfolding of consciousness.

* Review of the Spiritual Traditions that recognize SA node of the heart as self-existing radiance of the Self: Vedas, Advaita, Dzogchen, Hindu, Christian, Steiner, Kashmir Shaivism

Review the Osteopathic perspective on heart as center of perception: Still, Douval

Review scientific validation of SA Node as the mover of the fluids.


  • Before April 22nd 12 750,- CZK.
  • After April 22nd 13 900,-   CZK


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  • From March 21th till April 30th we return  50% of fee
  • We don´t return fee May 1st.


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  • The seminar does not replace medical or psychotherapeutic care . Participant undertakes to inform the organizer of any serious physical or mental difficulties or treatment they undergo.
  • Participation is voluntary and can be very experiential. The participant is responsible for everything he does.
  • The participant may leave at any seminar. Seminar fee is not refundable in this case .
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