Course 3: Facing Your Grail Wound

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17/05/2018 - 20/05/2018    
10:00 - 18:00


KC Domovina
Na Maninách 1525/32a, Praha 7

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Post-Graduate Advanced Biodynamic Cranial Course

Teacher: Charles Ridley

The Requirement to Register: You have taken Class 1, Class 2, or both in Basel or Prague, or, you are a graduate of or  enrolled in the Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor Course, no exceptions.

Class 3 explores the descent of consciousness (Shiva) into your cells to unite body with Love (Shakti). For this depth of embodiment to occur, you have to thoroughly navigate the hidden aspects of shadow that prevent the embodiment of Pure Consciousness that will naturally unite with Universal Love in the body

When we remain present and can feel our deepest emotional intensity, it transmutes to unwavering presence by which we can face, recognize, accept, be with, open to, and identify with shadow created by the Core Erotic Wound, or Grail Wound.


Core Erotic Wound

The Core Erotic Wound, or Grail Wound, is possibly the most painful event of our life. It is the first time that we were abruptly separated from our Eros at an early age. The onset of the Core Erotic Wound not only fragments our consciousness, it also creates our personality structure that defends against Wholeness. The Grail Wound  imprints a deep hidden terror that separates and recoils our awareness away from a bodily union of Pure Consciousness with Universal Love. This unconscious recoil is innocent: ego is terrified that if it opens to Love it will reexperience the unbearable pain of the Core Erotic Wound.

One of the effects of the Core Erotic Wound is it distributes patterns of armor in the body and ground substance that create our personality structure which expresses specific behaviors to avoid the free flow of Eros in the body. Eros is then co-opted by the shadow and is used to feed ego’s narcissism to ‘get’ for selfish gain. The presence of these selfish narcissistic behaviors indicates that the Grail Wound is in control of our will. When our will is controlled by the Grail Wound, it is called the snake. Snake implies a misuse of the sacred power of Kundalini, which is the creative, generative life force of Chakra 2. Snake projects our Eros, or Kundalini, onto others to manipulate and seduce them as objects that we feed upon.

When asked, „for whom does the Grail serve?” Snake’s answer is “me.”



Snake misuses your Eros to do ego’s bidding, which is the opposite of what Buddhists call the right use of will. Again, when snake controls your will, which is your personal Kundalini, Shakti, or Eros, it is mis-used to ‘get’ from others. Snake uses Eros through subtle forms of control, manipulation, charm, charisma, seductive body language, mixed messages, sexual innuendo, sexual teasing or withholding, predator behavior, deception, and other sexual bait and switch tactics, on the one hand. And on the other hand, snake also can operates from the dissociative, limiting disposition. This modern perspective is, “I am not my body. I am not my thoughts, I am not my feelings, I am not my emotions,]I am not my sensations, … only Self is real.” This is classic spiritual by-pass that leaves one happily ‘stuck in emptiness’ that leads to an even deeper hypermasculine dissociative wounding called hyperfemininity.


Hyperfeminine Disposition

In Class 1 & 2, we explored in detail the hypermasculine disposition, and in Class 3 we will navigate one of its deep manifestations, the hyperfeminine disposition, which is now epidemic in spiritual new age culture. The hyperfeminine can be characterized as a state in which the feminine principle is ‘runaway,’ which means it functions without being grounded in the body, nor having a center in the midline. This is considered a state of freedom in new age spiritual circles, yet in reality the hyperfeminine disposition actually operates from a deep, hidden fear-based perspective that cripples the will, leaving one unable to face intensity, be with discomfort, confront conflict, make decisions, take a stand, follow through with commitments, or manifest ones life purpose. Hyperfeminity is commonly described as being ‘in the flow,’ when actually one is stuck in the periphery and at the whim of each and every shift in life with no ground or center, leaving one lost, confused, bereft, and lonely. Sadly, there are also mysterious, chronic health issues.

In either case, whether it is the narcissistic misuse of will, or dissociative by-pass, both are expressions of a hypermasculine wounding. In either expression, snake effectively prevents the realization of ones Spectral Wholeness that deprives one of the enjoyment of the Sacred Union between body, Pure Consciousness, and Universal Love, which is our fundamental birthright.

In Class 1 & 2 we practiced the disposition.

Disposition: Orient inwardly and sense what is present, while you let it be, leave it as it is, and let go into open-hearted repose in ‘don’t know.’

And in Class 3 we will add: Sensually unite Consciousness and Love in the body, while you fully identify with your shadow’s expressions, especially the deepest, hidden, most feared and dreaded.        This is the gateway to Enfleshment in which Body is Love


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This class is specifically for those who sincerely feel a longing to realize the Completion Stage, which involves thoroughly navigating deepest aspects of shadow that have prevented the descent of Consciousness into the cells of the flesh to utterly unite body with Love. 

If you possess the willingness, heart courage, and desire to fully identify with, be present to, and unite with all aspects of your most hidden shadow you will thrive in this class.

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