Giorgia Milne: Embryology~ Spirit and Essence

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14/03/2024 - 17/03/2024    
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Taneční škola Ivy Langerové
Štorchova 1555/5,, Praha 8 , 18000

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A Touch of Presence ® School for Biodynamic Studies

,,You are most yourself at the moment of conception, all that follows is the differentiation“
– Eric Blechschmidt

The embryo has much to reveal to us about life… and death… as a life process. Through the exploration and study of the meta- bolic forces and conditions of coming into being, we open to a vast world of self-discovery and healing potential.

The 4-day workshop covers the basic principles of development of a human embryo from conception to week four. The unfolding of human form in space and time is amazing and can be understood without knowledge of genetics. We will focus on the transmut- ative changes happening in the early stage of our development and how they relate to our inherent healing forces; revealing the science behind the phrase, “Wholeness as Health”.

We will explore the conditioned and unconditioned forces that shape our coming into being, and into form and function. All of the major structures that make a human being are present by the eighth week of gestation. Topics include, yet are not limited to:

  • Conception
  • Pre & Post Implantation Growth
  • Early Arising & Development of the 3 Midlines, CNS & Heart

Through experiential exercises with and without touch, movement explorations, PowerPoint presentations, and discussions, we will open to these mysteries that are present and alive within us; creating us in every moment; maintaining health, balance, and evolving us as an embodied living consciousness. Emphasis is on embodied present-awareness and healing potential of these creative forces.

Prior knowledge of Anatomy and Embryology is not required. This workshop is open to anyone interested in the subject as the implications are far reaching for any bodywork practice modality, as well as everyday life. Particularly applicable to students interested in the Biodynamic Approach to Craniosacral Work.

It will be in English translated into Czech.

Giorgia Milne biodynamický kraniální přístup

Giorgia Milne brings a rare quality of presence that is heart felt, spirit filled and deeply intelligent. Her training and experience bridge allopathic and energy medicines and as such provide a rich resource for learning.

She is a practitioner and international instructor of Touch of Presence®Biodynamic Cranial Approach and other related courses. She has extensive experience and training in the major modalities of the field. Her work spans Stanford University certification and clinical practice as a Physician Assistant to all of the principal approaches of Craniosacral work. Her openness and heart-centered integrity create an atmosphere of respect, trust, and safety in which healing happens.



If you want to tune in to the way of working and what Giorgia transmits with his teachings, you can listen to the recording of the lecture from the 4th Craniosacral Conference, or to Filip Zitnik’s interview with Giorgia.

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