Giorgia Milne: Fulcrum of Being

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10:00 - 18:00


Vyšehradská 43, Praha 2, 120 00

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About the speaker: Giorgia Milne embodies a personal and professional evolution from allopathic skill to the healing energy work of all the major craniosacral and related approaches, culminating in the advanced practice of Biodynamic Cranial Touch (BCT), also known as Stillness Touch (ST).  She is a graduate of Stanford University’s Physician Assistant Primary Care Program. She is certified in BCT/Stillness Touch and Head of the Dynamic Stillness School founded by Charles Ridley. She travels extensively offering BCT/ST Initiatory and Mentor Courses, along with Craniosacral Anatomy, Embryology, Brain, Fulcrums, and Navigation Skills offered through the lens of BCT. Her teaching style rests in her vast personal and professional embodied experience resulting in the ability to sense and teach from the alchemy of the present moment.





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The workshop will be taught in English with translation into Czech language.