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Vyšehradská 49/320, Praha 2, 128 00

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3rd Czech Craniosacral Conference
We would like to invite you for this unique opportunity to meet experts with many years of experience – both in therapeutic practice and teaching. The conference will offer relevant information especially for the practitioners of craniosacral therapy, osteopathy, physiotherapy, as well as other medical professionals, psychologists and psychotherapists who are interested in body-work and would like to broaden their knowledge and perspectives.The last part of the conference will consist of a panel discussion providing you with the chance to ask the speakers your questions.
This event is a great chance to meet with colleagues not only from Czech republic.
Translation between Czech, German and English languages will be provided.
The length of presentations is 60–75 minutes.


Speakers and topics:
Jan Honzík Ph.D. (Czech Republic) is a founder and a leader of a psychotherapeutic centre Lavka in Dejvice, Prague. He works here as a psychotherapist and leads self-experience courses and groups. He graduated from philosophy and anthropology at Charles University, then he lived as a Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka for a year. He completed a psychotherapeutic training in satitherapy, humanistic psychotherapy using healing effects of mindfulness, a training in individual systemics (Artho Wittemann), which is concerned with human psyche in terms of its personified parts, and a training in somatic coaching, which comes from biosynthesis. His therapeutic approach is inspired by the eastern wisdom, particularly by Buddhist psychology, Gendlin’s focusing, bioenergetics, Jung… and last but not least by daily life with everything it brings. As a lecturer he mostly dedicates himself to trainings in mindfulness and currently he leads the courses Focusing, Death – the companion and the ally and Vision quest & Hero’s journey. (for more information see www.centrum-lavka.cz)

Lecture: Creating a healing field through mindfulness

This lecture will deal with mental factors and mind abilities which are supportive of creating a healing field in therapeutic process. We will talk about the so-called awareness (open attention), mindfulness and related qualities like acceptance, non-judgement, non-expectation, concentration, kindness, compassion etc. We will not only focus on naming these beneficial qualities and explanation of their function, but we will also point out their differences and how it is possible to systematically develop and practice them.


Karin Klinke (Austria) is a founder of Schule für CranioSacrale Berührung) in Vienna. In her work with clients and students she enthusiastically shares her knowledge and experience that she has gained during 20 years of her practice of craniosacral biodynamics. Her teachers are G. Milne, Ch. Ridley, F. Sills, M. Shea, W. Blattner. She expands the biodynamic work by her knowledge of relational dynamics (NARM/ Dr. Lawrence Heller) and body oriented trauma therapy (Somatic experiencing / Dr. Lisa Haberkorn). She also devotes herself to working with prenatal and perinatal trauma (Carlton Terry). Her work is based on deep trust in the wisdom of the body, its ability to self-regulate and heal itself.  For more information please see www.cranioschule.at


Lecture: Trust the tide

Craniosacral biodynamics in tension between spirituality and science.

Sutherland’s Breath of Life is more than just a concept. It comes from direct experience with this universal intelligent force. Back then, Sutherland found only little understanding on the part of medicine and science, similarly to the current situation. Existence and meaning of this force (Breath of Life) is considered highly controversial. Holistic model is lost, there is a bigger and bigger split between science and spirituality.  In her lecture, Karin will try to create a bridge between ancient teachings about wisdom and modern science and thus look for an explanation of what we experience in our everyday biodynamic practice.


Bhadrena Tschumi Gemin, MA, BCST, RCST, PPNP, SEP
Bhadrena has been working in the field of Human Growth and Healing Arts as a therapist and teacher since 1976. Born in Switzerland, she was educated as a teacher and psychologist, lived and trained in the USA and worked internationally as a lecturer and teacher for over 30 years.
Her work has been informed by the early Human Potential Movement, Gestalt Therapy, Body-Centered Psychotherapy, meditation, Trauma Resolution, Pre- and Perinatal Therapy, Diamond Logos Teachings and Systems-Centered Therapy.
She teaches Craniosacral Trainings since 1986 and has been essential in developing and spreading the method. Her Institute ICSB, International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing® is accredited in Switzerland to educate complementary therapists.
She is currently leading the 3rd professional craniosacral biodynamic training in Czech Republic and will start the 4th training in 2019 (www.icsb.ch)



Lecture: The Dance between Therapist and Client
The constant change and adaptation to a flow in process resembles an elegant dance between two people, which both have their own competences. In the 2 conference days we will elaborate the inter-relatedness between these two dancers and lay out concepts and practical application for the participants. The intention is to make it as interactive as possible with enough theory and practice to be able to take home new insights and tools for the participant’s therapeutic work.
In the talk Bhardena  will lay out the basis of interpersonal neurobiology for resonance and attunement between client and therapist. She will give an understanding of the bottom up integration that is supported in biodynamic craniosacral therapy and how to facilitate the transfer of changes that happen during a session into daily life. We will touch on the 4 stages of process work, which enable the work to be more effectively integrated. There will be a practical workshop on Sunday 11/3 (see more here).


Time schedule:

Registration: 9:00 – 10:00

Start: 10:00

Lunch break: 13:00 – 15:00

Ending: 18:00


1300,- Kč / regular admission

1050,- Kč / student in a training

The price includes refreshments during breaks and subsequent recording of the whole conference.


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