Retreat of Biodynamic Cranial Approach with Giorgia Milne

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21/06/2023 - 25/06/2023    
Celý den


Kubasova chata
Sudislav nad Orlicí 11, Sudislav nad Orlicí , Česká republika , 562 01

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You are warmly invited to a residential retreat for graduates of the Introduction course of the Biodynamic Cranial Approach (Touch of Presence®). It is open to anyone who has already attended an introductory or yearlong course with Giorgia Milne. The retreat will provide a deeper immersion into the work of the Biodynamic Cranial Approach. Touch of Presence leads us to touch in a non-efferent (neutral) way from a disposition of non-doing, in tonal resonance with primary respiration. This specific approach does not teach manipulation techniques but teaches you how to practice and further develop a way of approaching the client that is based on anchoring in your own “ present embodied awareness“. During the retreat we will develop and deepen this practice not only at the table practice sessions.

It is a gradual process during which you will let go of all efferent (focusing and invasive) activity and interventions, but at the same time not be too distant (disconnected) or unresponsive when touching. This allows you to relax in silence and stillness and rest in your own natural state (neutral) while allowing „what is“ to be as it is. The touch of presence leads to a more conscious way of relating to yourself, your body and your wholeness. You will create a new „fulcrum“, an inner attitude of deep peace and compassion. This will become a gateway for being with yourself and with another person, and truly supporting them in their natural evolution, without trying to change them in any way, according to your conscious and subconscious ideas. This attitude allows the other person to truly connect with their health and do what is best for themselves in that moment.

Retreat will be in English, translated in Czech language. 

About teacher:

Giorgia Milne brings a rare quality of presence that is heart felt, spirit filled and deeply intelligent. Her training and experience bridge allopathic and energy medicines and as such provide a rich resource for learning.

She is a practitioner and international instructor of  Touch of Presence® Biodynamic Cranial Approach and other related courses. She has extensive experience and training in the major modalities of the field.

Her work spans Stanford University certification and clinical practice as a Physician Assistant to all of the principal approaches of Craniosacral work.

Her openness and heart-centered integrity create an atmosphere of respect, trust, and safety in which healing happens.

The place of our meeting is Kubasova chata, which is surrounded by beautiful nature, in the foothills of the Orlické hory. It is a perfect place for such an event and we believe that it will provide an excellent background for our work together and a deep immersion for each of you.

Accommodation will be in shared rooms and the diet will be vegetarian (or vegan).

The stay from Wednesday evening (we start with dinner) to Sunday lunch (we finish at 2pm) with full board will be paid in cash on arrival and will amount to 3870,- CZK.





Seminar price:

Admission fee till 26/4 2023: 430 euro

Admission fee from 27/4 2023: 510 euro


Payment for the course participant acknowledges and agrees that:

  • The seminar does not replace medical or psychotherapeutic care . Participant undertakes to inform the organizer of any serious physical or mental difficulties or treatment they undergo.
  • Participation is voluntary and can be very experiential. The participant is responsible for everything he does.
  • The participant may leave at any seminar. Seminar fee is not refundable in this case .
  • Law lecturer is to terminate a participant’s participation may, if it deems appropriate. In this case, the fee will be refunded seminar participant .


Storno condotions: 

In case of cancellation of the event by the association for any reason, 100% of the amount will be refunded.

Until 25/4 2023, we refund the fee less 10% of the total fee.

From 26/4 to 30/5 2023 we refund 50% of the fee.

From 1/6 2023 the fee is non-refundable. Thank you for your understanding and respect for our rules.

If you have any question plese feel free to contact us at email address:

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Česká kraniosakrální asociace, z.s.
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